Key Features:

  • 20 mph top speed (where allowed)

  • USB phone charger

  • Removable battery with key lock

  • (8-15 miles per battery)*

  • Folds with 1 click

  • Light and portable – the base weight of only 26 lbs.

  • Designed to integrate with public transportation

  • Integrated GPS-Theft Tracking and smart lock

  • Unlock your vehicle from your phone

  • Track/find your vehicle if stolen

  • Perfect for public transportation

Physical Specifications:

Total Weight: 26 Lbs
Frame Material: Aluminum alloy
Weight Capacity: 220 Lbs
Front Brake: Electronic regenerative braking
Back Brake: Step on
Grips: Ergonomic rubber
Suspension: Coil Spring
Wheel Sizes: Airless 8''

Electronic Specifications:

Motor Type: Front-Mounted gear hub motor
Motor Output: 1000 Watts peak
Battery Brand: Samsung
Battery Voltage: 36 volts
Battery Amp Hours: 7.8 ah
Charge Time: 4-hour deep charge. 1-2 hours quick charge.
Display Type: Digital console

* Ideal conditions: 165lbs Rider, Flat terrain, no wind, and Level 1 speed.

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