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My scooter was stolen. What do I do?
My scooter was stolen. What do I do?
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Sorry to hear that your scooter was stolen.

Here's what to do first:

  1. Please use the app to find the location of the scooter.

  2. Go to the location but do not engage with the prospective thief.

  3. Instead, call the police and explain to them what happened.

  4. Inform them that the scooter is valued at $1,299 (considered grand larceny). The scooter has an integrated GPS-theft tracker on it and Beyond can set the alarm off remotely to show them that it is yours as long as it remains online.


  1. The police should ask you for the serial number, which you can find in your app. Alternatively, you can reach us at: 504-612-2626.

  2. Tell the police you want to a) file a police report; and 2) send a copy of the report to you so it can be shared with the Beyond Rider Ops team.

  3. Pay $199 insurance theft deductible.

If at any time you need our assistance, you can reach us at 504-612-2626.

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