No, you don't have to buy Beyond Premiere - but we think you're missing out if you don't! Here's what you get with Beyond Premiere:

* Smart Lock - no keys, open it with your phone
* GPS tracker: know where your scooter is at all times
* Theft insurance
* 24/7 Support - we are here to help you at anytime!
* All service and maintenance included.
* Replace your scooter at anytime, no questions asked.
* Early access to new product releases (long range batteries, e-bikes, helmets)
* Exclusive member events and rides
* Safety scooter riding classes
* Beyond Quarterly Magazine
* Member-only discounts from top brands (coming soon)

If you don't want any of those awesome features - that's ok, we understand.

Since without Beyond Premiere there's no GPS or Smart Lock on the scooter, you'll have to leave us a $300 deposit, which is returned to you when you bring the scooter back.

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