Thank you for your interest in Beyond!

We are a subscription service for urban transportation / intelligent EV products to transform how people commute and move in cities. For a monthly fee you get:

* Your own premium 3-speed scooter for you to keep while you're subscribed

* Mobile App powered by our AI "Quorra"

* 24/7 Support

* All service and maintenance included.

* Replace your scooter at any time, no questions asked.

* Integrated GPS-Smart Theft Tracker and Lock

* Continuous Optimizations & Upgrades

* Cancel Anytime

Our subscription ($49/month) will include the Premiere membership perks mentioned above for free for the first 6 months. After 6 months the Premiere membership will be an additional $19/month. We cannot wait for you to start riding and exploring the city!

Our 2021 shipment of scooters arrived. You can sign up for the membership here.

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